How to Live Happy Life ? | Top Tips to Live Happy Life

Everybody wants to live happy life and want to get more and more comfortable life but in this technology and fast track life people lost the real happiness of life because they have no time to spend at home or family so they fell bore and want to live some happy moment. Here I am going to share some tips how to live better and happy life in this busy schedule life. If you try to do the tip below then I hope you must fell happy mood in enjoy your life more and more- so let’s start the tips how to live happy life and enjoy it.

Tips to live happy life, Tops tips to live Happy life

1. Keep Smile Face - We all know that everybody like to cheerful person. If you smile, when you are talking to somebody then you feel better. We know a smile face tell everything of heart situation. If you have any problem but still you smile then you feel better. We know, to live sad is no solution of problems; so why we live sad. Always keep smile in each condition. People like the person who always smile and talk politely. So live in jolly mood always. It’s the best way to live happy life.

How to live happy life, Tips to live happy life

2. Read Jokes or Great Quote - If you fell bore or you are alone at home then read the jokes or great person quote then you feel energetic and your mood will be fresh and you feel happy mood. So we should read the jokes any laugh by self sometimes. It gives energetic feeling in life.

Get tips to live happy life, way of happy life

3. Do daily Exercise in Morning - If you work in office and no time to spent time outside in day then you must do daily exercise in morning. Wake up early and go to park and do some exercise in the morning and evening daily basis. You feel recharge and your mood will refresh. You feel all the day well and enjoy your work. So don’t forget to do exercise daily in the morning and evening if you want to live happy life. It keeps you healthy too. If your body is healthy then you fell happy all the day.

Secret of happy life, Tips to be happy life

4. Watch the Comedy Film - If you are fond of film then watch the comedy show or film. You forget all stress of day and feel extra energetic mood. If you laugh then it provides more energy in body. Medical science also advises that laughing is good medicine of much disease. So watch the comedy film with family or friends and enjoy it too much. You can feel happy to remember the film dialog and a smile swim on your face then you feel happy mood. So we can say that it is best idea to live happy life.

Great tips to make life happy, how to live happy life

5. Eat Healthy Food – All the body part work at energy and if we eat healthy food then all body organs work properly and we live healthy life. If we are sick then we can’t imagine living happy life. So ignore the junk or road side food. It is very harmful for health. Eat fruits, drink milk and have healthy food always. I mean keep your body healthy and smart personality. We all know that a beautiful/ handsome face attract the people and they like each others. So why not we live smart life and keep you neat and clean always. It is way to live happy life too.

6. Spend Time with Your Love Ones or Best Friend -  If you have Girl friend/boy friend or you are married then spend time with your love one and talk openly on each and every topic and share your happiness and problem with each others. It gives you more happiness in life. If you have no boyfriend/girlfriend or not married yet; then you can share your personal thinking with your best friends or your parents or brother and sister. We should not hide any things with elders. If you do bad then tell the truth and tell the sorry without any hesitation.  If you tell the truth then your love one believe on you more than before and love you more than before. You fell well than before. So if you want to live happy life then don’t hide the secret of reality and tell the truth and take the decision on time. It gives you happy life.

How to live happy life, Top tips to live happy life

7. Always Think Positive -   Always think positive and try to do some better in life. If we fail in any exam or work then we feel bad. But we should not do so. We should learn from bad time and try to resolve the last mistake and do some better. We all know that success always comes late but sure. So don’t worry about anything. You should take lesion from great personality who achieves success after lots of struggle.  So never lose heart and always think positive and be energetic. It gives you happiness in life.

Secrets of happy life, how to live happy life

8.Give Gift or Surprise - If you want to get more happiness by others then give gift your love one like Girls friends, boyfriends. If married then wife or hubby. If you have child then give the gift to your child then see the smile on their face and feel uncountable happiness in life. People like to gift and if give suddenly or any special event then you feel very happy. So it’s best way to keep other people happy and feel happy too.

The way of happy life, How to live always happy in life

9. Forgive and Forget – If anybody heart you then don’t fell Zealous and don’t scold him/her. It would be better that you forgive him/her. If you forgive then they you fell some better mood and feel happy. If you heart anybody then tell him or her sorry and forget all things what happened in past. If you remember past then you feel sad so better is that forgive and forget all the matter which heart you. If you do like this in life then you can live happy life.

How to live happy life with family, how to live happy with wife

10. Go to Holiday Trip with Family or Friends - Some time we fell bore to work in office or at home, in this condition we should go on holidays for some day and enjoy the life. You should go on natural places or historical places. You can go on holiday with you love one or full family or with friends groups. You should enjoy the full trip with music, dance or dinner in hotels .You feel more and more happiness to visit the tour. So steal some time to go on trip from busy schedule of life and enjoy your life. It is best way to keep yourself happy in life.

Tops tips to live happy life, how to get happiness in life

11. Go to Party Like Birthday or  Marriage Ceremony - We should participate in birthday party, marriage ceremony or other events because we meet all the people at one time at one place that we know. You have time to meet all the persons; so you can enjoy to sharing the personal ideas with others. You can enjoy in party with music, dance or other social activities. And all these activities give you extra energy to live happy life.

Happy life tips, advise to live happy life

12. Participate in Social Works - If you are fond of social work activities then take part in seminars, Participate in charity and help the poor child or old ages persons. It gives you some extra spiritual happiness in life. If we help or give some money for charity then we feel some extra happiness inside and feel happy in life. So don’t hesitate to take part in such social activities.

How to make your happy life,

13. Go to Cinema or Watch the Stage Performance - We should go to cinema or should go to watch the stage show. We enjoy lots and feel real happiness there. We learn more and more from film or stage show. So we .should go to theatre or other entertainment places time to time with friends or family.

14. Play Your Favourite Game- Sport gives up entertainment and energy so play the game which you like to play. You can enjoy indoor game or outdoor game with family or friends. If you win in the game then you feel a special happiness. Game is full of challenges so you can enjoy it a lot. You can also enjoy to watching the favourite sport on TV. We can say that Games and sports are also the medium of happy life so enjoy it and be happy in life.

Super tips to live happy life, How to be happy in life

15. Share with Others What is Your Plan -  If you have an ideas about any certain thing then share it with your love one or family , friends or any elder or younger. If you share your idea and get some praise then you feel energetic inside and became jolly mood. So never hide anything share it others and enjoy the moment with all.

Nice tips to live happy life, Top tips to live happy life

16. Do Work on Time- We should work on time because if we don’t work on time then we have to listening the boss or parents so better that we do each and every thing on time and complete the job on time. If we full-fill the work on time then boss will happy and we feel happy too. So we should do our duty on time and be happy.

Work on time and enjoy your life, Tips to enjoy happy life

17. Sleep Well at Nigh - If you don’t sleep well at night then you feel all the day lazy or sleepy so better that sleep well at night.  About 6 to 8 hours is necessary to sleep to be healthy life. If you have time in summer then you can sleep 2 hours in the day. We fell relax after sleeping. So never wake up late night, it gives you frustration. We should go to bed early and wake up early in the morning, it is best way to live happy life.

How to live happy life, Get tops tips to live with happiness

18. Enjoy Your Life in Current Economical Condition - Yes; we should live happy in our current economical condition. We should manage all things as possible as. We should not wish to buy unwanted things if we have no money. We all know that then need of human is endless; we never full fill our wishes. If we buy bike then we wish to buy car and it is the main reason of sorrow in life. So be happy in current condition. If you have enough money then makes plan to buy or invest in new business. If we think to get more and more then we can never live happy life. So if you want to live happy life then stop it and be happy in present. Don’t think too much about futures.

get top tips to live happy life, read the top tips to live happy life

19. Read Romantics Books - If you are fond of reading books then read the romantic, thriller or action books and enjoy it. We feel jolly mood to read like this books and enjoy too much. We should read some great personality biography or some history of country, or some story about Emperor or scholar. We get inspired and feel something different and a new inspiration born in our mind to do something extra. So it is best way to enjoy the life and do some extraordinary.

Read romantic books and be happy in life

20. Ignore the People Who Hate You -   Sometime people feel fear or somebody and live very sad in life. In this condition you should avoid them who hate you. Keep away from suck kind of people. Break the all memories of them who heart you. Sometimes we get breakup in love or divorce and it is very critical situation to live happy. In this situation you should try to forget all the past and should start the new life with family or friends.  We should ignore them who hate you.  We should also ignore because it is useless to remember them who don’t care you. So why do you care them and be sad. Therefore only one solution try to live happy with your family and enjoy your life. We should never remember them who heart us. 

Tip to live happy life, How to live happy life alone

21. Help Others or The Poor People - If we help the poor physical or economical then we feel spiritual happiness inside. So we should help the helpless people like if any blind person wants to cross the road then help him to cross them. If any beggar begs some money then give them some money or food, it gives you spiritual happiness.  Or if you help your friend whom needs some money or other things like note books, and other material and if you give them and help then you feel happy to help. So we should help each other and live happy life. It is great humanity.

Read the top tips how to enjoy your life

22. Enjoy to Work in Team- If we work in team then we complete the work in short of time and feel happy. We all know there is power in unity and we can do even hard work easily with team.  If you work in company then you can understand it well. So try to work together and live happy life. 

Work in team and be happy, tips for enjoy life

23. Don’t Jealous of Other Property - Sometimes people jealous to see the others property. They think all time about competitor and always live in sad.  We should never think and compare the competitors; we should do better than our competitors and be happy. We should not follow them we should do some extra and some better than competitors. It is the best way to live happy life.
Superb tips to be happy life, get top secret of happy life

24. Respect the Elders and Listen Their Suggestion - We should respect the elders and take their suggestion carefully and then decide what they say. Elders have more experience of life and work so it may be they suggest you for your good will. So never ignore the elder suggestion. We should respect the parents, teacher or boss suggestion. If you think it is not good for you then discusses your ideas with them and gets the perfect solutions. It is best way to live happy life.

Take advise to live happy life, What is way to live happy life

25. Do What You Love - It is best way to live happy life. Listen all but decide you, what is better for you. Choose what you like to do and in which work you like to do best. Because we should always do in which we take interest.  We live happy and feel happy if we work what we love to do.

Top 25 tips to live happy life, 25 tips to live happy life

I think we can live happy life if we follow the above tips. If you know some extra things to live happy life then don’t forget to comment your suggestion, Thanks to stay here. 

Which is best job for life? Private Job or Government Job

If you passed out the 12th class or graduation and want to know; in which field you should choose to make career in life Government job or Private Job? then I am going to share my experience about government job and Private Job. Here I will describe pros and cons about both types of job. So you can decide yourself which is best for your life. By the way; the job depends upon various factors and situation of life.  But we should decide first what to do and in which field is best for life. So let’ discuss one by one Pros and cons of each.

Which is better Government job or Private Job

Pros of Government job - Most of students like to make career in Government Sectors, because Government Job is more secure than private job. If you selected once then no body dismiss your current Job post without any illegal conditions. In Government Job there are more facilities for life than private job. Government provides home, food, clothes and education cost for you and your family.  You get salary on time and you get pension after retire from the Job. Salary increases if Government make new salary term and condition. So we can say that In Government Job we feel secure life and enjoy the whole life. You get respect in society so you feel proud on yourself.

Government Job VS private Job in India

For the middle class society - If you belong to middle class family and no money to study higher education and you are brilliant student then there are lot of opportunities of Job in Government Job. You can get job in banking, Defence and civil services in Government sectors. So if you study day and night then you can get the Government Jon and enjoy your life.

Cons of Government Job - The very negative factors of government job is that you can’t earn money unlimited. There is limit in of salary in Government Job by position but if you have versatile then you can earn more and more in Private Job. The salary depends on experience in Private Job. You can change your job anytime and join any other organisation anytime. These days’ people are earning unlimited in private job. But if you are in private job then you cannot change your post anytime. You have to work in current salary and current facilities even you have many year experience. 

Which is better for life Government Job or Private Job

Pros of Private Job – As I mentioned above there is no limitation of salary in Private Job. If you join below 10 k but you can earn much more in future as you will have work experience.  In private sectors experience is valuable part and by dint of work experience you can join anywhere in any company in the country or foreign.  But if you are Government then you cannot do. You can live your life as you wish with family. You are fully independent to do any kinds of job as you like. You can change your job Profile anytime. If you have self confidence and a lot of money then you can do your own business and establish your company anytime and earn a lot. One other benefit of Private Job that if you are not degree and no enough knowledge; still you can join any company as the basis of your knowledge. So anybody can start Private Job after 5 min interview only.

Which job is better for life -  Government or Private

Cons of Private Job - The negative factor in private job is that , It is not secure job. Company can fire you anytime and in start time you get less salary. You have more work pressure than government job.  You will have to follow the term and condition of company privacy policy. Company does not provide you any family facilities in Private Job; you have to manage all things for your life.  If you want to change the job then you will have to face interview again and again in each company. If you are new guys in the company then you will have to face a lot of problems and you have to face work pressure more than government job.

Which is most suitable job in India Government or Private

Conclusion -   The summary of the post is that – Job depend on conditions. If you want secure job and want to live peace life then prepare for Government Job. If you want to earn more and more money and you have money and confidence of your hard work then choose Private Job. You can earn more and more in Private Job Vs Government Job. Now it depends on your wish.

How to Make India No 1 Country in the World

All Indian people have one dream that they see the India no 1 country in the world and feel proud each and every corner in the world. Why not? Each citizen of every country should think about their country and it is right to do anything for their country. Why not?  We think something extra to develop the country and take part the development and feel proud to be an Indian.  When we talk about country then we feel some extra energy and ready to do each and every thing for dignity. When some people talk against India then I think No any Indian people who are not ready to fight against them and preserve their country proud.  There was a lot of such Indian who gave up each and every thing for country. Here I don’t want to share because you know well all who died for India and made India free from British. Now It’s time for us that how to develop India and make it No 1 country in the world. It’s not easy and work for one month or one 1 years only and it is also truth that a single person can never make India no. 1 country.  To see the developed and best country we all should do for country and think that if we do some new and extra ordinary then we can dream the no 1 county in the world. Therefore I am going to share some tips how to make India best country in the world. So read the following and try to do such work, I know It is not possible 100% but if we try gradually then that day is not far away when we see the India as best country in the world -  So let’s start – 

How to Make India Great Country in the world?

All leaders should be Honest / Stop Dirty Politics - I think about 70% development of any country depend on the politics directly or indirectly.  If the central and regional government wishes to improve the condition of country then I think they can do this only 1 to 5 years for this every leader should be honest and they should have fully determination to development the country. They will have to do each and every thing for county without thinking of personal benefits. Many such leaders are available still in Indian politics who want to full fill their pocket and they don’t think about country conditions. So now stop the do such behaviour and do now for country. Now time to stop quarrel in parliament and make the right decision in favour of country so that our country develop be leaps and bounds and we increase each and every field in the world. If you will quarrying each other such way then never India will be best country in the world.  I don’t want to say any favour of any special party, but once time I watch on the TV that some leaders are quarrelling like as stupid kids for their personal matters. If the leaders will do such behaviour then what’s will be future of country, you can think. The public did not select for this nonsense so stop now these activities in respected place where make decision for country future not for your family. If you are able to suggest better way for development of country then you can suggest the favour for country, If you the public select any party it meant the public like their activities. So don’t make fool to public and stop the play dirty role. If the elected government does wrong then they know the result better next elections.  So please don’t mind this. All people of India want to request the leaders that make right decision and implement the rules soon and decide the work ASAP and start work for development of country. I think there were no any leader of India which have not home for live and lack of food and luxury car for ride. So now what do you need money and money.  If you do for nation then no you will win again and again and be respected each and every where. So I would like to request all the respected leaders please do each and every thing for the nation because the people have lots of wishes to you. We all want to live happy life and want to make India the best country in the world. And that day is not far away when we fell proud to be an Indian.  It’s not only for central government, Regional government and regional leaders should be also do the best for development their village, city, state. India is such country where the leadership is start from village as Mukhiya and it is ends at PM and president. So All leader whether he/she is   Mukhiya, MLA, MLC, CM, PM, President whatever they are  please think once for nation and do for  the nation by heart and soul. Then that day is not far away when we will dream once again as Ram Rajya and see the India no 1 country in the world. So the development of county depend on Politics what they can do. So the people of country will have to vote only honest leader and party. So now stop the condemn anti-party and make the decision for development of nation from primary label 

How to improve the India condition and make it great country

                                     Don't like this -  Do Something Like This

PM Addressing in Parliament and make the plan how to make India great

Note - Here I have no intention to heart any leader or party. So don’t mind –

All Government Employee Should do their Duty on Time and be Honest- If you are government employee then it’s your luck and because of hard working.  So it is your duty that does the every work on time and by heart and soul. Still today 50% Government Employees do not their duty with full energy. Only Army Employees are do their duty by full confident and honestly and all in other sector 50-60% employees are not dedicated to their duty, they go to work station late and leave the office before time. I don’t want to tell the Such Government Employee position and filed of work. So if you are belong to government employee family then stop to do such things. You should do your duty with full dedication and honesty, because the development of country depends on you. If you do the work on time then Country develop soon and India can be the best country. So let’s start work on time. You are not doing for others; you are doing it for you and your family directly or indirectly. If country will develop then your children’s future will improve. Government pays you and provides all facilities to you and your family; what you need more. Ask such youngster who are struggling for get job in Government sector or doing job in private company. Then you will decide what your duty for nation is. So only I am telling you, if you are government employee or belong to their family then please start the work on time or tell your father, brother, mother, or uncle to g office on time and do their work for nation.  

How to make India  the best country in the world

                                        Don't like this -  Do Something Like This

Tips to make India great, How India make best country in the world

One thing more- there are many sectors in government where the Government employees do the scam and charge extra money. Now stop such activities please, and do their work honestly.

Improve the Condition of Government College and School - Still the condition of Government Schools and Colleges are miserable. No any teachers or professors reach the school or college on time and their qualification are not enough to teach the student. The number of teacher is less, so need to improve the condition of schools and colleges. Need to improve the technology and laboratory in colleges so that students get the physical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. In villages there is lack of high school and colleges so increase the number so high school and colleges so that girls could go to study. If the average of education percentage will reach 90% percent then we can imagine the no 1 country otherwise dream of best country will not full fill.  All parents should teach their children at least graduation. If all people would educate then they will decide their future by self and earn more and more.

How to develop India, Tips to develop indai

                                          Don't like this -  Do Something Like This

How to see India No 1 country before world

Improve the Private Industry Condition and Develop new Technology- Still the condition of private company in India is not as good as other country. So need to improve the way to work in company and should be used latest technology machinery so that the products manufacturing increase.  Government should be help to small business persons and decrease the tax services. If the number of private company will increase then the people get more jobs and the condition of employee will improve. If all people earn self then India will grow automatically and it may be the no 1 country in the world. So let’s try to improve the condition of private sectors jobs. 

Top 10 tips to make India great Country in the world

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Top 10 tips to make India great Country in the world

Improve the Current Condition of Farmers - The condition of farmers in India is very miserable. They get very low price of their corn so they live always in debt and not full fill their daily life requirement. Sometimes the crops are destroyed due to heavy rain and some time lack of rains. In this condition government should be help the farmers ASAP but they always help the farmers 4 -5 months.  So the farmer suicide and it is very bad for Indian development. So government should be provide the facility of channel in the village and electricity so that they could watered their filed on time and fertile the crops on time. The condition of agriculture should be also changed and farmers should use latest technology to increase the crops. We all know that about 60% people live in village and they depend on agriculture so the condition of farmers should be improved then we can dream of No 1 country otherwise it‘s not possible.  

How to make India a great country

                                   Don't like this -  Do Something Like This

Top Tips to Improve Indian Condition

Improve the Condition of Tourism and make the Road Wide and Clean – the condition of tourism should be improved and should be provide security and facility to tourist so that the foreigner visits India. The condition of road should be also improved because it provides the fast transportation. Today the condition of traffic is very bad in India so the road should be wide and smooth. Not only road the condition of railways and flight should be also improved. If the condition of transport will good then we connect each other soon and can increase the business and trade. By this way the condition of India will improve and we can imagine the India No 1 country in the world.

How to dream India No 1 country in the world

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How to dream India No 1 country in the world

Improve the Sports and Film Industry Condition - Any country is recognised by Sports and Entertainment world. Lots of Indian Sports persons and film stars increase the values of country before the world. Today; who don’t know the name of Sachin Tendulakar, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Sania Mirza, Anand , Amitabh Bachachan, Salman Khan, Sharukh khan, Maduri Dixit, Priyanka Chopra, A.R Raman in the world. Like all the above stars, there are lot of icon in India who earn name and fame worldwide and the people of world know India by their name. So We should try to more and more earn name and fame in sports life and film Industry so that India known for versatile people in the world. Government should provide the opportunity to increase the Sports and film industry. If we will ahead in every area then India will be the no 1 country in the world.

How to Make India as a great country before world

                                         Don't like this -  Do Something Like This

How to Make India as a great country before world

Improve the New Technology and Make the New Re- Search Centre - Still India is behind in modern technology compare to developed country, we should improve the new technology like in Agriculture field, Chemical field, Machinery field, Biological field and many others. So that we can do anything in short of time for this the government should be provide more facility to scientist and scholars who think some things extra and keep the power to invent something new in technology. I think there is no any lack of such brilliant scientist in India but they prefer to work with other country because the other country provides them more facilities and money. So the scientist should also think about their country so that India could be no 1 country in the world. I hope all new brilliant guys please don’t accept the offer of other country and do all things for their nation in each and every field. If we will ahead in technology then No body prevent to India to be No 1 country in the world. 

How to Improve Indian Current Condtion

                                       Don't like this -  Do Something Like This

Top tips to Improve India condition good

To Protect the Country Increase the Power of Army - The strength of any Country is measured by their army capacity. Therefore; if we dream to best and power full then we should increase the power of army and we should developed modern weapons so that we could protect on time if any enemy attack at our country. There is no lack of brave people in India, here each and every child is like as army and they always ready to sacrifice all for the nation. So try to be No in defence sectors and always alert from enemies. 

How to make India N0 1 country in the world

                                    Don't like this -  Do Something Like This

How to see the India as Number 1 country in the world

Now I am going to say what should do the public to improve the condition of country because we cannot imagine the great India until each and every people take part in development. So do the following for nation by heart and soul.

Pay the Tax on Time - Many rich men don’t pay tax on time and hide their money in black bank, they do the business illegal. If we wish to see the developed country then we have to do any business after government verification and pay the tax on time and participate to development of India, Government do the big project if all Indian will help the government. Now take oath that never theft the government tax and don’t do any business with government approval.

How to Make India dream country in the world

Help Each Other - These days’ people jealous each other. So now stop to feel jealous and help each other to increase the business and work. If we work in group then we can develop fast. So if anybody needs help financial then support him? Don’t harm anyone by any way. Employee should think for company or company should think for Employee then India will develop and we can imagine the India No 1 country in the world.

Tops tips to make India greatest country in the world

Be Polite - We all know that the Honesty is the best policy. So be polite and talk polite to anybody. If we talk with anybody with smiling face then other talk with smile and both feel happy. If we learn to live happy life and be satisfied then we can do anything.

Learn How to India is growing fast

Never Fight Each other on Basis of Religion/Caste – Today; there is big issue in India like caste and religion. Hindu, Mushlim, Sikh, Isai are not happy with each other and feel jealous to each other religion, and some time they fight each other. So we should stop now this. We should have to live together and help each others. Don’t hate other religion. Participate in each other festival and eat and meet happy. If we live together then we can dream to be a great country India

Top tips to make India great country

Clean the Public Property and Protect it –  we should keep clean the public place and property like school, bus stop, railway station, airport, park, road and others public palace. If we will live neat and clean and environment will pure then we will live healthy. So keep the public places neat and clean. If foreigner visits India then feel happy and remember India all the time. We should plant the tree more and more so that the environment keep greenery and pure. Keep clean the rivers too.

How to make India N0 1 country in the world

Learn to Respect the Foreigner - We should respect the foreigner. If any foreigner visits India then behave honestly and politely and help them. Tell the history of India and try to impress them. If foreigner will happy to Indian tradition and behaviour then they remember us and we could feel proud of our country.

How to Make India a great Country in the  world

Now Please Stop the Crime/Murder/Rape/Robbery/Kidnapping - These all is very serious problem before any country and in India too. So please stop to do such behaviour and learn to respect each other. If all these bad activities stop then we can say that India is great and it is No 1 country in the world. If you want to live in great country and want to feel proud to be an Indian then stop the bad behaviour.

Tips to Make India NO 1 country in the world

Always Live Happy be Satisfied to your current Economical Condition- Last but very important we should learn live happy life. If you earn little then be satisfied and learn to live simple life. If you earn extra then help the poor people who need money to live life. When we learn to live happy with each other then we can imagine the best country.

Tips to make India No 1 country in the world

So I would like to request all the readers who read this article – please start to participate in Indian development.  India will be great if the people of India would be great. Hope you follow the above tips and try to make something extra for nations, Thanks to stay here.

How to make India as great country in the world

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